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7/13/20 Updated COVID-19 Office Policies

As cases of COVID-19 continue to increase in Atlanta, we are working hard to keep our patients and our staff safe and healthy!  As we have been throughout this pandemic, our office remains open and available to take care of your children, both for well and sick visits!  We recognize that this is a very challenging time, and you may have concerns about bringing your child to the office.  We have many new safety practices in place to help us give your children the care they need, while keeping everyone as safe as possible.  In addition to frequent and careful cleaning, these are some of the new practices you may notice.

Due to continued limitation in supplies and protective equipment, we are currently NOT testing for coronavirus in the office.  We understand that many families are frustrated at the difficulty of accessing testing, and we agree!  Unfortunately, accurate and timely testing is still difficult to come by, even for healthcare providers.  As increased testing and PPE supplies become available, will will continue to readdress this issue.  If your child needs testing for COVID-19 now, please visit for more information about testing sites, or contact your county public health department. If you need an order or referral, please call our office and we can set up a telemedicine appointment to discuss!

Scheduling practices:

When you come for your visit:

What should I do if my child was exposed to coronavirus?

Remember that the vast majority of children who are exposed to COVID-19 will do very well.  Most children have no symptoms or only mild illnesses and will recover without needing additional medical care.  However, we do encourage our families to take exposure to COVID-19 seriously and follow all CDC and DPH guidelines regarding self-quarantine.

We look forward to continuing to take care of our patients and their families during this difficult time.  If you have concerns or questions about our policies, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please call us!

-The Old 4th Ward Pediatrics Team

Lauren King MD

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