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Childhood Obesity Specialist

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In the United States, childhood obesity affects nearly 19% of children and teens ages 2-19. If your child weighs more than they should, seeking treatment early increases their chances of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight into adulthood. The experienced pediatricians at Old Fourth Ward Pediatrics in Atlanta, Georgia, offer nutritional advice and exercise counseling, and referrals to specialists when necessary to treat childhood obesity. Schedule an appointment with Old Fourth Ward Pediatrics over the phone or online today.

Childhood Obesity Q & A

What is childhood obesity?

Childhood obesity is a health condition in which a child has a body mass index (BMI) at or above the 95th percentile for their age and gender group. In addition, a child with a BMI from the 85th-94th percentile is considered overweight. 

Obesity can drastically reduce a child’s quality of life by making exercise challenging, increasing the risk of chronic diseases, and putting them at risk of depression and being treated differently by their peers. Early detection and treatment increases your child’s chance of maintaining a healthy weight now and in the future.

What are the risk factors for childhood obesity?

A wide variety of factors can increase the risk of childhood obesity, including:

  • Lack of exercise
  • Eating high-calorie foods
  • Genetics
  • Emotional trauma
  • Stress

Eating fast food, vending machines snacks, baked goods, candy, desserts, and sugary drinks – including fruit juices – increases your child’s risk of becoming overweight or obese.

How is childhood obesity diagnosed?

Your Old Fourth Ward Pediatrics specialist reviews your child’s medical history and asks questions about their diet, exercise, and other lifestyle habits. They check your child’s weight and height to calculate their BMI, and if the BMI is above the 95th percentile for their age and gender, they’re diagnosed with obesity.

What is the treatment for childhood obesity?

Your pediatrician works with you and your child to fight obesity and help them gradually move toward a healthier body weight without feeling deprived or hungry. Your Old Fourth Ward Pediatrics provider offers:

Nutrition advice

Your pediatrician provides expert advice on the dietary changes necessary to help your child achieve a healthy weight. They recommend a nutritious, balanced diet including fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. They also help you with strategies for cutting back on unhealthy foods and sugary drinks.

Exercise counseling

Your pediatric specialist develops an exercise program for your child. Encourage your child to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day by being active with them, trying child exercise classes, or signing them up for organized sports.

Referrals to specialists

If your child is severely obese, has an eating disorder, or suffers from emotional or physical trauma that affects eating behaviors, your pediatrician might refer you to a qualified specialist for counseling.

Don’t let childhood obesity spiral out of control when treatment is available at Old Fourth Ward Pediatrics. Schedule an appointment over the phone or use the online booking tool today.