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Prenatal Consultation Specialist

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If you’re a woman who’s expecting a baby, the medical team at Old Fourth Ward Pediatrics welcomes you to visit their office in Atlanta, Georgia, for a free consultation. This prenatal consultation visit is a great way to get to know the pediatricians and staff in the months leading up to your baby’s arrival. You get the full attention of the medical team to get all your questions answered, so you’ll know exactly what to expect when your baby is born and ready to start their routine pediatric health visits. Schedule a free prenatal consultation at Old Fourth Ward Pediatrics today online or by calling the office.

Prenatal Consultation Q & A

What is involved in a prenatal consultation?

As a new parent, you have lots of questions or concerns about the health and safety of your new baby. The team at Old Fourth Ward Pediatrics offers a free consultation with the staff to ease those concerns and get the answers to your questions.

During your consultation, you meet one on one with the pediatric team to discuss your pregnancy and impending delivery. The physicians review what to expect concerning well-baby visits soon after birth and well-child checkups throughout childhood.

Following your one-on-one time, the team provides you with a tour of the facility and introduces you to the staff who will care for your baby.

Even if you’re not expecting for the first time, you can still schedule a prenatal consultation in anticipation of your newest addition and to learn more about your options for receiving health care services from Old Fourth Ward Pediatrics for your older children.

What are the benefits of a prenatal consultation?

A prenatal consultation is a great way to learn more about the health care options available for your new baby. As skilled pediatricians, the team stays up to date on the latest guidelines, diagnostic technologies, and treatment options for acute and chronic conditions.

Through a prenatal consultation, you can review available services and discuss your preferred pediatrician’s approach to care. When your baby is ready for their first in-office visit, you’ll be comfortable and know what to expect from the team and the facility.

You also have an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you have about health care for your child, including information about necessary vaccinations, routine well-child exams, and same-day sick visits.

When should I schedule a prenatal consultation?

Ideally, you want to schedule your prenatal consultation in the months before your baby is born, so you’re ready to start scheduling well-baby exams soon after birth.

By scheduling your consultation in advance, you’ll know what services are available and get to know the staff to ensure you’re comfortable scheduling your baby’s first pediatric visit.

If you have any questions about the free prenatal consultation or are ready to book your appointment, call Old Fourth Ward Pediatrics today or request an appointment time online now.