Telemedicine option now available at Old 4th Ward Pediatrics

In order to keep you safe (and at home!), we have started doing remote telemedicine visits. The process to do these visits as of now is as follows:

  1. Call office at (404) 267-6229 to schedule - our staff will determine if visit is appropriate for telemedicine. Your insurance will be verified (these visits will likely be covered by insurance fully)
  2. Give consent for telemendicine in general and for this particular concern
  3. Give us cell number that accepts text, and/or email address
  4. You will be sent via email or text the link to the visit
  5. You will sign in to virtual "waiting room" and wait for provider
  6. Provider will appear on your screen and begin visit.
  7. Prescriptions can be electronically sent as needed.

These visits can work well for lots of types of concerns. Some examples of appropriate telemedicine visits include: 

Please contact us today to schedule your telemedicine appointment.





Robert Platner, MD

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