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3/17/20 Coronavirus/COVID-19 updates

Keep in mind that information and recommendations is rapidly changing day by day. For most current info on COVID-19, we suggest going to these websites:

Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta CHOA Corona Virus COVID-19 website

CDC CDC corona virus updates

Academy of Pediatrics website Academy of Pediatrics website

For the very latest on what our office is doing go here: Old Fourth Ward Pediatrics Facebook page Old Fourth Ward Pediatrics Facebook page

A few things to know and remember:


Robert Platner, MD

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3/19/20 Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19

We know that many of our families are worried about COVID-19, and all the information can be very overwhelming.  We've compiled a few answers to some frequently asked questions about the virus and how to keep your family safe.

Formula Shortage Resources

We know many families are struggling to locate their baby's formula during the nationwide shortage. We have compiled a few resources to help you figure out what to do!

COVID-19 vaccines

We strongly recommend that all eligible adults and children get their vaccine against COVID-19! Please watch the video here from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for a message about the vaccine.