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3/19/20 Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

We want to reassure you that we are working hard to keep ourselves informed and updated, so that we can do our part to help our families stay safe and prepared.  Here are a few updates and answers to questions you may have.  Please keep in mind that information is changing daily, so we encourage you to visit the websites posted on our home page for the most up-to-date guidance from the CDC, AAP, and CHOA.

1. What can I do to prevent my child and my family from getting COVID-19?

The most important thing you can do right now is to follow all guidelines about “social distancing” and practice good hand hygiene.  Please remember that school is cancelled to keep children separated from each other, so this is NOT the time to schedule play dates or to get together at playgrounds.  Please keep your family at home and limit contact with other people.  Consider using online platforms like FaceTime or Skype to “hang out” with friends and family members.

2. Should I still bring my child for their vaccines?

Yes.  We feel strongly that continuing to give immunizations to keep children from getting vaccine-preventable illnesses is extremely important.  We are scheduling well visits only in the morning, to minimize exposure in the office, and have implemented extra cleaning procedures to keep the office as safe as possible.

3. What should I do differently when I come to the office?

Please limit the number of people coming to the office as much as possible.  We ask that only 1 HEALTHY caregiver come with children to their appointments.  Please do not bring siblings or additional family members.  As we hope you are doing everywhere, practice good hand hygiene while in the office, minimize touching your face, and keep your distance from others while in the waiting room.  Please call us before  bringing your child in!  If your child needs to be seen, we will work with you to make that happen, but to protect our staff and our patients ask that you NOT walk in without an appointment.

4. What should I do if my child has fever and/or cough?

If you child has a mild illness, you can manage their symptoms at home.  Please keep them isolated from other people until they have been 72 hours without symptoms.  If you child is develops any trouble breathing, signs of dehydration, fever lasting more than 3 days, is acting unusually sleepy or irritable, or you are not comfortable managing their symptoms at home, please call us to discuss whether they should come to the office for a visit or go to the emergency room.

5. How can I get my child tested for COVID-19?

Right now, we are not able to offer testing in the office for COVID-19.  Testing throughout the state is still limited to only certain higher-risk populations, so that there will be adequate tests for those groups.  If you are concerned that your child needs testing, please call first, so we can determine if they will meet criteria and help direct you to the most appropriate place for testing if needed.

6. What about telemedicine? Can I have a “virtual visit” with a doctor?

We are working on potentially setting up telemedicine visits for certain issues and complaints.   Please stay tuned for more information!  We will post here and on our Facebook page when this service is up and running.

7. How can I talk to my child about COVID-19? What can I do to keep them from becoming too worried?

This is a scary time for many people, and the amount of news is overwhelming!  One of our jobs as parents is to help reassure our children and help them process what is going on.  Be careful about watching news media in front of children.  It is best for you to watch/listen/read media information on your own, and then talk about it with your children at a level they can understand.  (See for more information).  Children may not be ready to process the images and language they are hearing directly from the news.  Keep routines at home as much as you can—continue with regular bedtime routines, mealtime routines.   

8. What can I do if I am having trouble getting enough food or other resources for my family and/or my children who are out of school?

The public school system has set up grab-and-go locations for children to get meals.  Please check with your school system for specific locations!  We encourage you to visit  as well, where you can find information on other resources specific to your area and your needs.


Don't hesistate to call us if you have questions or concerns!  



Lauren King MD

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